TOC Board of Directors

Information about the TOC Board of Directors and its members.

Our Board of Directors

The TOC board is made up of 15 directors elected by the membership. Elections are held each June, and directors hold staggered three-year terms. Directors serve without compensation except that they are allowed reimbursement for expenses incurred in attending board meetings.

The board of directors meets monthly, and directors are also expected to participate on one or more of the various board committees, which hold meetings as necessary.

To qualify as a candidate for director, one must be a TOC member in good standing, own at least 25% of a Thoroughbred racehorse, and have started a horse or horses a minimum of six times in California during the preceding calendar year.

According to TOC Bylaws, at least three of the total number of directors must be from the Northern Zone at any given time. At least two but no more than six directors must be from the Owner-Trainer class of members; and of the Owner-Trainer directors at least one must be from the Northern Zone and one from the Southern Zone.