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Becoming an Owner

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Owning a Thoroughbred in California Acquiring a Thoroughbred There are 3 different ways you can acquire a Thoroughbred: Consult with your Trainer for a professional opinion on what to look for in a Thoroughbred. TOC does offer information on horse conformation as well. Email to receive a copy. Registering your thoroughbred(s) and silks are … Read more


Thoroughbred Trainers in California Selecting a Trainer When selecting a trainer, keep in mind the following factors: your budget, hands-on participation (for you and your trainer), and your philosophy. Once you have determined your conditions and expectations, arrange a meeting with a trainer. You can find their contact information in the Trainer Directory, provided by … Read more


Thoroughbred Licensing in California Licensing Your license will be valid for 3 years, and will generally provide you with free parking and grandstand or clubhouse entry at any racetrack in the state. When it expires, on the last day of your birth month, you may renew it by contacting the CHRB office at your local … Read more

Becoming an Owner

Learn About Requirements of TOC Member Requirements In order to race a thoroughbred you, as the owner, must be licensed. In California, the power to grant a license or revoke it rests with the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB), the ruling body that governs racing under the laws promulgated by the State of California. Opportunities … Read more

Interested in Ownership

TOC members are eligible for benefits through NTRA’s Equine Discounts, Sentient Jet, and Equine MediRecord.

Track Benefits for Owners

As a licensed CA owner you are entitled to the following: Clubhouse admission and seating when you have a horse racing Your CHRB license also allows you clubhouse and grandstand admission Complimentary passes from the Racing Office are also available – must call ahead to reserve them.