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2022 Del Mar Owner Parking/Admission Information


The Racing Office will open today, Thursday July 14, 2022 to pick up your 2022 Del Mar Owner parking passes. For racing, access to Owner parking will be available via the Main Gate and the Fire Gate entrances. For morning workouts, access to Owner parking will be available through the Fire Gate entrance.

New for 2022:

No Owner Parking on the Backside Until 11am
There will be no Owner parking on the backside until 11am. Fifteen-minute parking is available at the Stable Entrance for CHRB licensing.  If you wish to access the backside before 11am, you may park in the north west area of the Main Parking Lot or the south west end of the Training Track (both only accessible through the Fire Gate) and walk to the barn area.  Please see the below picture for the specific location of each lot (highlighted in yellow).

CHRB/Owner Admission
All CHRB license holders are granted admission to the races on any race day.  Entrance is to the west of the Clubhouse admission gates. Each license holder may now bring up to THREE GUESTS, provided they walk through the gates with the license holder. If a licensee wants seats for any racing day, please contact the racing office. Limited number of seats are reserved for owners, with preference given to owners who have a horse running.

Good luck this Summer!