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CHRB Microchip Rule 1597.5 Enforceable Beginning December 26, 2018

Beginning December 26, 2018, horses that are not microchipped will be ineligible to enter.

The complete text for each new or amended rule can be found on the CHRB website under RULES AND LAW and scrolling down to RULES FILED WITH THE SECRETARY OF STATE.  Attachment (1) to this letter provides a short summary of each new and amended rule.

It is the responsibility of each racing office to refuse the entry of any horse that does not carry a microchip.  Additionally, the inventory and movement tracking system, in order to be accurate, requires that the InCompass Solutions Microchip Module be properly installed and managed.

The main actions that should be taken to ensure full implementation of the rule are shown below:

  • It is the owner or trainer’s responsibility to ensure that the horse is microchipped. The horse must be microchipped within 72 hours of entering the inclosure.  The trainer shall contact the stable superintendent who will coordinate the implantation with the CHRB stewards.  The CHRB will provide the microchip and assign the number.  The licensed owner is responsible for any implantation fees.
  • The racing secretary shall not accept an entry unless the horse has a microchip. Note: a microchip waiver is available from the Stewards if the horse is shipping in for a single stakes race.
  • Each association shall contact InCompass Solutions to subscribe to the RTO software Microchip Module. This allows electronic recording of each horse ‘in’ and ‘out’ event and access to all other pertinent information on the horse, including descriptive markings, registration number, etc.
  • Each association is responsible for equipping staff with microchip readers and tablet computers that allow direct internet access to the RTO Microchip Module. Each horse shall be scanned when entering and leaving the inclosure.  The tablet computer allows direct connection to the internet so the microchip number can be used to access the Microchip Module in real time.  The operator can also return to the office PC to interface with the reader and record the horse movement.
  • Horse identifiers should learn to utilize the scanner and tablet hardware in the stable and receiving barn areas. Scanning the microchip number will allow a tablet to link directly to the Microchip Module and to access to all pertinent information.
  • The CHRB will soon contact all currently active racing offices to arrange a conference call to discuss these and other issues related to the microchip program and CHRB Rule.

If questions arise concerning any aspect of the program, do not hesitate to contact Rita Baker at (916) 263-6038.


The following summarizes each new and amended rule:

New Microchip Rules

1597.5 Microchips Required for All Horses on Grounds.

This is the primary new regulation.  The second new rule and all of the amended rules are written to be consistent with this primary rule.

1507.6 Tampering with Microchips.

This new rule prohibits any tampering with an implanted microchip without Board approval.

Amended Rules to Ensure Consistency with New Rule 1597.5

  1. Duties of Horse Identifier.

Prior to a race, the horse identifier must scan each horse and verify the microchip number.  He or she must immediately report any irregularities to the paddock judge and the stewards.  If the horse does not carry a microchip or the number cannot be identified and there is no approved waiver in the racing office, the horse shall be scratched.

1581.1 Entries.

No horse shall be entered for a race that does not carry a microchip, or has not received a waiver from the stewards.

  1. Horse Ineligible to Start in a Race

Amended to be consistent with the previous two amended regulations.

  1. Association to Maintain Records of Horses on its Grounds.

The racing secretary shall record the entry to and exit from the inclosure of every horse within 72 hours of each occurrence, and shall maintain these records in a searchable electronic format that is subject to board approval.  Amended to be consistent with Rule 1597.5.

  1. Examination Required

Amended to be consistent with Rule 1597.5.