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TOC Announces Inaugural Partnership Award

We are excited to announce the TOC Inaugural Partnership Award for the 2023 calendar year.  The co-ownerships and partnerships of California horse racing play a major role in building our community and providing the horses we watch at the track each weekend.  TOC would like to recognize and celebrate the growing population of co-ownerships and partnership entities within the horse racing community by initiating the Horseracing Partnership Award Category.

We are looking for nominations that provide a compelling story that simply but significantly reflect the joy of the sport.  This award is not based on statistics and is open to co-ownerships and partnerships of all sizes from two and beyond.  Again, it’s about the story and love of racing that we are looking for with this award. Partnerships of any size can be nominated through self-nomination or by another TOC owner. If nominating a partnership other than for yourself, please answer accordingly.

Winner(s) will be recognized at our 2024 annual meeting!

Deadline to nominate is June 1, 2024.