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TOC Members Benefit with New Equine Medical Record System

The California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) recently approved the addition of Rule 1842.5 to require trainers to maintain medication treatment records for the horses in their care. Equine MediRecord (EMR), which tracks horses’ medical records in an online database, complies with all CHRB requirements. EMR is currently up and running in Europe and Kentucky.

According to CHRB Executive Director Scott Chaney, “I was impressed with EMR’s system, in which equine medical records are digitized and recorded on a mobile and web-based application used by trainers or their vets. It complies with the new rule requiring trainers to maintain treatment records.”

At its July board meeting, the TOC board unanimously agreed to support the set up and implementation of the system in California within 8 to 16 weeks. In exchange, we negotiated special TOC member discounts for the EMR system. TOC members will have access to the system for their horses for FREE until the end of 2020, at a 50% discount in 2021, and a 10% discount in 2022 and beyond.

The record keeping system provides a paper trail that protects the trainer, their horses, and owners. As governmental regulations become more strict, it makes following the regulations easier and less costly. Information can be entered on any internet device, and the system automatically calculates such things as when the next required vaccination is due and sends a series of reminders to customers. Additionally, using the system has proven to reduce time spent on regulatory documentation by 50% and insure complete compliance when inspected by regulators.

Equine MediRecord CEO, Pierce Dargan, is understandably thrilled with the latest news. He said:

“We have been very impressed with the desire and determination to promote transparency and equine welfare, not just by the Thoroughbred Owners of California but also the equine community of California as a whole. We feel our system can play a role in the movement to help ensure that our children will be able to enjoy horse racing the way we have for generations – to be a part of that work is very exciting.” Further information about the actual launch of the program and how to access TOC member discounts will be sent out in the next two to three months.