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Basic Information for Owners

General Owner Information

Stay plugged in to the California Thoroughbred ownership community with podcasts and conference archives from In the Money’s ‘The Owner’s Box’, the Amplify Horse Racing podcast and more.

Cal-Bred Incentive Program

Learn about the Cal-Bred Incentive Program on CTBA’s website

Racing & Breeding Counties

Discover each of the individual Thoroughbred racing counties in California

Condition Books Glossary

Learn all of the important terms and information about condition books.

Racing Terms Glossary

Learn all of the important terms related to Thoroughbred racing.

CA Racing Legislature

Get informed about the legislature pertaining to California racing.

CA Owner Standings

View a list of the leading Throughbred owners in California.

Race Replays

Browse and view video replays of past California Thoroughbred races.

Sire Summary

View the sire summary report and filter results by track, age, class and more.

Stakes Schedule

View a list of Thoroughbred stakes races at various California race tracks.